A privately held company needed a completed panel from start to finish. Due to pressure from a customer, the company had a tight deadline to deliver the panel.


The company turned to Estes Accelerator – Product Development & Prototyping for help. Estes Accelerator projects are led by one project manager from start to finish, which significantly reduces lead-time. Zero hand-offs mean information is not lost or sitting on someone else’s desk waiting to move down the line.


Estes welded, grained, silk-screened and clear-coated the new piece. Then to ensure quality, the project manager personally inspected the prototype before sending it to the customer.

Typically, a completed panel is a 5-6 week project. However, Estes delivered the completed panel to the company in a mere 3 weeks. Since then, the company has repeatedly come back to Estes Accelerator to experience the high quality customer service and products they have come to expect.

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