Estes Partners With Hitzfield Group on Essential Construction Project

  The Hitzfield Group is a group of companies that design, engineer and install state-of-the-art building envelopes and structural façade components. They serve a wide variety of industries across the nation and have partnered with companies such as FedEx and Eli Lilly on various construction projects.   Estes Design and Manufacturing recently had the privilege of partnering with…


5 Reasons Why Laser Welding Is the Optimal Choice for Your Next Welding Project

Faster, More Efficient Welding Laser welding isn’t exactly new. After all, it’s been used in automotive manufacturing for many years. Outside of the auto plant, however, laser welding (and its potential for savings) is less familiar. When parts made of thin-gauge sheet metal need nice-looking welds, lasers don’t immediately come to mind; labor-intensive TIG or MIG…


How Estes Strives for Continuous Improvement – Daily Layered Accountability

Kaizen is defined as the Japanese philosophy of continuous improvement. As a company Estes strives to follow the kaizen mindset instead of just working on “fixes.” Continuous improvement serves as one of the four pillars of our company philosophy, and Estes is constantly looking for ways to improve all facets of the business. To ensure this continuous improvement…


Customer Testimonial: Florence Corporation

Estes Express Prototyping Delivers a Competitive Advantage to its Customers

Since early 2018, Estes Express Prototyping has been working in close collaboration with Florence Corporation, a mailbox supplier. Recently, our team interviewed Mike Molt, Florence’s Design Engineering Manager, to learn more about its experience working with Estes. Below are our findings from the interview.   Florence Corporation Benefits from Estes’ Cutting Edge Technology and Fast…


Design for manufacturing and assembly

DFMA Saves Money and Reduces Downstream Costs

Even as US manufacturing continues to be the global leader for goods produced ($2.3 trillion in 2018), high operating costs threaten that leadership position. To be competitive, it is imperative that manufacturers reduce costs and increase efficiency in their operations. Many companies implement processes such as Six Sigma, lean manufacturing, 5s, and/or Kaizen to increase…