Salvagnini L5 Laser Cutter

The Salvagnini L5 CNC Fiber Laser Cutter is a very versatile and productive machine that can cut a wide range of thicknesses and shapes. The fiber source and optics chain generate a high power density laser beam, which allows for high-speed cutting (up to 2,000 in/min) on medium and thin metals. It doesn’t require tools to be loaded, which reduces setup time.

The L5 automatically loads sheets and automatically unloads parts and sheet skeletons using the ASL (Automatic Sheet Loading) system. Two identical cutting tables that swap places once cutting is completed on a sheet, make the L5 extremely efficient. While the new sheet is cutting, the ASL removes the cut parts and skeleton with a retracting finger system that fits between the cutting grids of the table. It then lifts the parts/skeleton off the cutting table and stores them on a tray that goes back into the MV Warehouse. The ASL will then load a new sheet on the cutting table in preparation for the next table swap.



  • Provides a high level of precision that reduces or eliminates error
  • Produces high-quality cutting
  • Reduces lead-time