We offer both traditional MIG and TIG welding services as well as Spot Welding services.

  • MIG Welding
    • Miller MIG Welder (3) 300 amp. Hobart MIG Welder (1)
       Max Capacity: 300 amp.
  • TIG Welding
    • Miller Syncrowave TIG Welder (2)
       Max Capacity: 300 amp.
  • Spot Welding
    • Future Industrial Machines Multi-head Straight Line Spot Welder (1)
       Max Capacity: 13 heads (cascade)
    • 100 KVA Amada Spot Welder (1)
       Max Capacity: 80 KVA, 32″ Throat
    • Lors Handheld Spot Welder (1)
       Max Capacity: 18 KVA

We also offer 3D Laser Welding services. Laser welding is a fast, efficient, and precise alternative to traditional welding techniques. 3D laser welding is up to 10x faster than traditional MIG welding, and up to 40x faster than traditional TIG welding. 3D laser welding can help you build a better product at a lower price! Download our FREE laser welding eBook to learn more!

  • Laser Welding
    • Prima 3D Laser Cutting/Welding System (1)
       Max Capacity: 43″ x 86″ x 15″ (3D Work Envelope)