Rapid Prototyping

rapid prototyping

You need a prototype – yesterday. You needed 25 components to meet a deadline – last Thursday. But your special order keeps getting bumped.

Estes Express Rapid Prototyping can help. We turn jobs like these quickly. Our dedicated prototype shop is designed to respond to our customers’ product development and speed-to-market needs.

Estes Express Rapid Prototyping uses state-of-the-art equipment and the latest programming software to reduce product development time. Project managers, with expansive shop floor experience, run the entire operation from design through programming and fabrication.

We’ll move you to the front of the line.

Estes Express Rapid Prototyping services

Estes Express Rapid Prototyping overcomes capacity problems by creating a dedicated shop with speed as the primary focus to address our customers’ time-critical projects.

Estes Express Rapid Prototyping can:

  • manage the complete product design and development process
  • produce and refine prototypes from customers’ existing designs
  • optimize designs for manufacturability and assembly
  • value engineer products to ensure cost-effective manufacturing
  • transition products into full production
  • short-run manufacturing for quantities less than 50

Estes Express Rapid Prototyping equipment

New prototype equipment includes:

  • PRIMA® Laser Cutter/Welder—Features both 2D and 3D cutting, in addition to 3D laser welding. Laser welding is faster than traditional welding and produces a higher quality product with little or no finishing required.
  • TRUMPF® TruBend 3120 Press Brake
  • Salvagnini® PERformER Panel Bender



"Estes was able to cultivate an expertise specific to the project’s requirements and successfully developed the fabrication process in a short amount of time."

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Case Study

Estes reduces customer’s cost by 25% and lead time from 6 weeks to 10 days

After searching for a reliable rapid prototype vendor, one of the largest packing equipment suppliers in the world came across Estes Express Rapid Prototyping.

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