Estes Design and Manufacturing is a full-service sheet metal fabricator

At Estes, we design and fabricate custom sheet metal parts and components for OEMs across the country, utilizing lean manufacturing principles at every stage of the process. From sheet metal fabrication and 3D laser welding to rapid sheet metal prototyping, Estes is your one-stop shop for sheet metal projects.

Our staff of experienced engineers, CAD designers, and manufacturing professionals collaborate every step of the way, from concept to production. We work with a  broad range of industries, including medical, architectural facade, renewable energy, appliances, HVAC, office furniture, and more. With Estes as your partner, you’ll receive the highest quality and the best lead-times.

Why Choose Estes?

Estes was founded on Nov. 1, 1976, with two employees in a 1,200-square-foot facility. Today, we employ a staff of more than 100 associates and have an 85,000-square-foot manufacturing space. Since our founding, we have always made it a priority to acquire the latest fabricating technology to help our customers overcome manufacturing challenges.

Our philosophy to “profitably produce fabricated metal products with a level of service and quality preferred by the customer” is achieved through four key areas:

Hiring People of High Character

Implementing Creative, Innovative Thinking

Using State-of-the-Art Technology

Executing Continuous improvement

A Commitment to Quality

How Can Estes Support you?


Custom Sheet Metal Parts Fabricating Services

Estes Max Velocity - powered by Salvagnini

The Automated Sheet Metal Fabrication System

laser welding services

3D Laser Welding Services


Product Development & Prototyping Services

Let Estes take your laser welding project to the next level.


Estes Design and Manufacturing, Inc. is committed to employing people of high character, creative, innovative thinking, state-of-the-art technology, and continuous improvement to profitably produce fabricated metal products with a level of service and quality preferred by the customer.


Estes Design and Manufacturing is committed to quality – quality in our fabricated products, our standards and processes, and our company team members. The caliber or our Quality Management System (QMS) is reflected in our products, and our ISO certifications help us outline and maintain a framework for continuously improving our QMS.


Our From the Factory Floor series gives you a glimpse of the people and day-to-day life here at Estes. Part of our philosophy is to hire people of high character. So, we want to highlight them and the incredible work they do. Estes would not be the company it is today without these amazing people and their effort and commitment to everything they do.


Estes strives to hire individuals who care about the work they do and about the customers the company serves. Estes’ employees treat customers’ projects as their own and seek to serve customers with dedication, honesty, and integrity.


With two employees and a 1,200 square foot facility, Estes Design and Manufacturing was incorporated on November 1, 1976.

While a chief engineer for Hesston Corporation, Larry Estes learned of their impending sale to The Toro Company, so he left the organization to begin his own design and manufacturing company. The first products made were service parts for the Hesston/Toro line.

Originally, Estes Design and Manufacturing was intended to be a product design and development firm with some manufacturing capabilities. However, demand from Toro and other companies for top-quality manufactured products increased, and Estes responded by adding capacity with a move to a new facility in the fall of 1977.