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Wall Panels Engineered & Manufactured by Estes

At Estes Design & Manufacturing, we specialize in engineering and manufacturing exterior and interior architectural wall panels for commercial and industrial businesses. With superior quality and a highly efficient and automated production system, we have produced thousands of panels for a variety of projects, from complex amphitheaters to office buildings and fire stations. Whether you are seeking custom or standard-size architectural facades, Estes Design and Manufacturing is your fabrication partner.

view of metal wall panels on commercial building


Why Choose Estes for Your Architectural Panels?


Faster, more efficient production.

Our Max Velocity automated fabrication cell provides exceptional quality, shorter lead-times, and improved on-time delivery.


Superior quality and attention to detail.

Our architectural wall panels are known for superior quality. We can also barcode, label, and identify each panel to help streamline construction even more.


Versatility and expertise.

We have in-house experts and the state-of-the-art equipment needed to partner with your architectural team on the design, engineering, testing, and manufacturing of wall panels for a variety of building envelopes.

Our Products Include:

  • Exterior Facade Panels & Cladding
  • Interior Wall Panels
  • Corner Panels
  • Canopies
  • Custom Sizes
  • Standard Sizes
  • Aluminum
  • Pre-Painted Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Zinc-Impregnated Steel
  • Distressed Patina Steel
  • And more.

Customer Success

Estes had the privilege of partnering with the Hitzfield Group to fabricate over a thousand custom exterior wall panels for the newly constructed Fishers, IN Fire Station. The Hitzfield Group, which designs, engineers, and installs state-of-the-art building envelopes and structural façade components on a national scale, has partnered with companies such as FedEx and Eli Lilly on various construction projects. Here’s what Hirzfield said about partnering with Estes:

“Estes’ commitment to lean fabrication methods through automated processes is evident by how quickly and efficiently they were able to complete our project, and is also proven in the quality of their product. Using their automated systems, we were assured that each panel was fabricated per specifications and within tolerance. Of the 1,003 wall panels that Estes made for the Fishers Fire Station, not a single remake was required – a true testament to their commitment to fabricating quality parts.”

Fishers fire Station architectural building envelope

Powered by Salvagnini

Automated Fabrication Cell

Salvagnini Automatic Retrieval and Auto Store System

Max Velocity is Estes’ automated fabrication cell powered by Salvagnini. Its automated nature and advanced technology provide exceptional quality, shorter lead-times, and improved on-time delivery. The Estes Max Velocity takes cellular manufacturing to new levels. Every machine in the cell is fully automated, including the automatic storage and retrieval system – the MV Warehouse, which is the system’s backbone.

S4 Punching & Shearing

Salvagnini S4 Punching and Shearing Center

Our Salvagnini S4 machines combine the punching versatility of a turret press with the blanking capabilities of a shear. Not only does the S4’s automation provide around-the-clock activity, but customers also benefit from cost reductions that would otherwise go to pay for labor. Precision and speed are ensured through digital communication and the center’s advanced control techniques.

P4 Panel Bender

Estes Max Velocity - powered by Salvagnini

Our Salvagnini CNC P4 Panel Bender is a fully automated machine that bends blanks into their final shape. Its advanced capabilities allow it to form highly complex parts in a single setup. Unlike traditional press brakes that require different tools for different bend configurations, tooling in this panel bender adjusts automatically from bend to bend and part to part. Accuracy is unparalleled because of the panel bender’s integrated advanced sensors.