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As one of the most substantial advancements in modern welding technology, the laser welding process allows industry professionals to achieve much higher precision and speed in welding operations. Additionally, products manufactured using the process perform at least as well as those produced using MIG or TIG—if not better—with lower overall production costs and shorter lead-times.

What you'll get from this whitepaper:

The following white paper takes an in depth look at cosmetic welding as it applies to the laser welding process and seeks to answer the 4 questions below:

  • What’s the difference between a nice looking weld and a cosmetic weld?
  • How do you know if your part even needs a cosmetic weld?
  • If a cosmetic weld is required, then what design considerations do you need to evaluate before it’s too late to make changes?
  • How much does cosmetic welding cost? 

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