Let our clients tell you how Estes Design & Manufacturing took their projects to the next level.

Cost lead time diagram

“What we needed most was consistency. We need to know that when we order, we’re going to receive exactly what we order. Estes provides attention to detail, great customer service and a level of knowledge and professionalism we did not get with our previous source. Estes gets it right every time. Because of our relationship with Estes, we are able to deliver a more consistent and high-quality product.”

– Owner, Audio Visual Company

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“Estes took on a complicated fabrication project that had never been done before. The company’s openness and honesty made it easy to align our expectations for the project. In addition, Estes provided a level of sacrifice we had not experienced with our previous sources. Estes was able to cultivate an expertise specific to the project’s requirements and successfully developed the fabrication process in a short amount of time.”

– Mechanical Engineering Manager, Communications Equipment Company

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Increase Capacity

“We were met with a significant challenge to complete a new customer’s order with short notice. The situation forced us to lean heavily on our suppliers to support our demand at a rate that was double that of standard production. Throughout the 4th quarter we constantly tested the agility of our suppliers to find creative solutions. Estes pulled through with flying colors. Whether it was working additional hours or utilizing alternative expedited shipping methods, we were never without production parts. Furthermore, the efforts surpassed expectations when Estes took up special orders for parts that were normally supplied by another vendor.”

– Materials Manager, Food Equipment Manufacturer

Stainless Steel Parts Benefit

“Estes Express fabricated complex appearance stainless steel shells for a new appliance product we are developing for a client. The Estes team provides outstanding quality, pricing, communications and fast turnaround times. Their team members are easy to work with and have great work ethics. Estes has a lot of experience producing aesthetical stainless steel parts. We consider them an extension of our team.”

– Owner, Consumer Product Design & Prototyping