Let our clients tell you how Estes Design & Manufacturing took their projects to the next level.

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"Initially, my invention was pretty complex to develop. It was not necessarily the technology of it that made it complex, but to make it small and compact enough to use in the operating room was a challenge. Estes understood my challenge and was willing to take it to the next level and to continue with it. The company was not of the attitude “we can’t do this, that won’t work” but instead was very understanding and open. This helped me develop trust and a strong relationship moving forward."
- Dr. Babak Hassid, New York-based cardiologist at Northwell Health


"The Hitzfield Group selected Estes Design and Manufacturing for the fabrication of the Custom Metal Panels on the Fishers Fire Station for a variety of reasons. From the beginning, Estes treated The Hitzfield Group as a partner, rather than just a customer. We went through several iterations of hypothetical (estimated) pricing while we finalized design iterations, and through all of this, Estes never wavered in their desire to be our partner. This was a time commitment Estes made without even having an order from us, and it gave us the confidence that Estes was truly going to be a partner and not just another fabricator.Estes helped us work through specific design items collaboratively with their engineering department, and we took full advantage of the technology they utilize to help design, produce, and simulate the fabrication process.

Estes’ commitment to lean fabrication methods through automated processes is evident by how quickly and efficiently they were able to complete our project, and is also proven in the quality of their product. Using their automated systems, we were assured that each panel was fabricated per specifications and within tolerance. Of the 1,003 wall panels that Estes made for the Fishers Fire Station, not a single remake was required – a true testament to their commitment to fabricating quality parts. We look forward to a continued partnership with Estes on future work."
- Stephen Hendrickson, Director of Design and Engineering with Hitzfield Group


"One of the first things that stands out is that Estes is the first supplier with the ability to use my CAD (computer-aided design) models. Typically, the process involves both creating a model and creating a drawing. With Estes, you skip a step (and time) because there is no need to create a detailed drawing. For me, this saves a week or two weeks for some projects, which is incredibly valuable time.

In addition to the time saved by the ability to use my CAD models, Estes is straight-up fast. They’re the fastest [supplier] I’ve ever dealt with. There are lots of sheet metal guys out there, but most of the time they just have a laser and a brake press. There are times that you need more sophisticated parts, and Estes has all of the technology for sheet metal prototypes.

While most steel fabrication and prototyping operates under long lead-time (four weeks is typical), Estes can turn parts around in two to three weeks. In addition, Estes’ parts are of the highest quality. As any company occasionally does, Estes has made mistakes; however, the thing that sets Estes apart from others in this sense is that anything and everything is done to make it right.  In one instance, the Estes team created a new part and had it delivered the next day (on a Saturday). For me, Estes is hands down a 5 out of 5 for a multitude of reasons. This includes but is not limited to: capability, speed, and customer service."
- Mike Bolt, Design Engineering Manager with Florence Corporation


"Being in the motorsports industry - everything moves fast, and problems arise without notice.  A last minute change to our trade show display left us scrambling to find a suitable option to build what we needed. After some investigation, I came across Estes Accelerator and inquired about how they could help us out. Roger, John, and all of the Estes Accelerator crew took my project with open arms and knocked it out of the park! It went from an idea to full-scale drawings in just a matter of hours. The quality and craftsmanship was second to none, and the pricing was far below all other options out there. The best part? They delivered this rush order a week before the given deadline. I am blown away at the overall experience, from the initial phone call to final delivery. Estes Accelerator has certainly earned our business, and we are looking forward to more projects in the future! If you are looking for any prototype projects - look no further, your solution lies with Estes."
- Jacob Brown, Director of Motorsports

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“What we needed most was consistency. We need to know that when we order, we’re going to receive exactly what we order. Estes provides attention to detail, great customer service and a level of knowledge and professionalism we did not get with our previous source. Estes gets it right every time. Because of our relationship with Estes, we are able to deliver a more consistent and high-quality product.”

– Owner, Audio Visual Company

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“Estes took on a complicated fabrication project that had never been done before. The company’s openness and honesty made it easy to align our expectations for the project. In addition, Estes provided a level of sacrifice we had not experienced with our previous sources. Estes was able to cultivate an expertise specific to the project’s requirements and successfully developed the fabrication process in a short amount of time.”

– Mechanical Engineering Manager, Communications Equipment Company

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“For me, Estes is hands down a 5 out of 5 for a multitude of reasons, which includes, but is not limited to: customer service, capability, and speed. The company is straightforward and determined to have a positive impact on the customer. There are times that you need more sophisticated parts, and Estes has all of the technology for sheet metal prototypes. Finally, a key part on the development side of our business is getting parts fast, and our relationship with Estes provides us with the fastest service available.”

– Design Engineering Manager, Mailbox Supplier

“We were met with a significant challenge to complete a new customer’s order with short notice. The situation forced us to lean heavily on our suppliers to support our demand at a rate that was double that of standard production. Throughout the 4th quarter we constantly tested the agility of our suppliers to find creative solutions. Estes pulled through with flying colors. Whether it was working additional hours or utilizing alternative expedited shipping methods, we were never without production parts. Furthermore, the efforts surpassed expectations when Estes took up special orders for parts that were normally supplied by another vendor.”

– Materials Manager, Food Equipment Manufacturer

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“Estes Express fabricated complex appearance stainless steel shells for a new appliance product we are developing for a client. The Estes team provides outstanding quality, pricing, communications and fast turnaround times. Their team members are easy to work with and have great work ethics. Estes has a lot of experience producing aesthetical stainless steel parts. We consider them an extension of our team.”

– Owner, Consumer Product Design & Prototyping

“When choosing an outsourced partner, we needed to find a company that could both design the prototype and produce the final product. This way, we would receive the same style of feedback from start to finish.

With Estes Express Prototyping, we found exactly that. They have allowed us to develop prototypes quickly at a price that is very competitive.”

– Principal Engineer, Manufacturing Solutions Provider

“If Estes Accelerator can take our design and make it well, then we can rest assured knowing our prototype can easily be transitioned into production. This is a differentiator for our purchasing team.

We trust Estes to be forthcoming if something is abnormal like if the tolerances are too tight, and it helps us eliminate these problems early in the process. If Estes can’t develop our prototype, then we know there is likely a problem with our initial design.”

– Engineer, Food Equipment Manufacturer