No matter the industry, Estes is ready to serve you.

Estes Design and Manufacturing understands that each of our customers have applications and requirements that are unique. Some customers require a product from Estes that must meet stringent federally regulated standards. Others place high value on the final aesthetics of the part produced. While yet others are focused on obtaining parts under tight timelines and within tight budgets.

Estes has the ability to meet all of these needs, which has led to its success working with companies across a wide array of industries, including:

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  • null

    • Components, assemblies, and service parts for commercial, residential, and transportation heating and cooling equipment


  • Oven appliance icon

    • Components and assemblies for cooking, dishwashing, and refrigeration equipment

Food Processing Equipment

  • Food processing industry graphic

    • Components and assemblies

Renewable Energy

  • Renewable energy windmill icon

    • Battery enclosures for stationary power and transportation applications
    • Components for wind-power equipment


  • Agriculture tractor icon

    • Grounds maintenance equipment
    • Grain processing components and assemblies

Office Furniture

  • Office chair icon

    • Complete, painted cabinet assemblies
    • Components for modular office furniture

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