A look at the people who make Estes work.

Our From the Factory Floor series gives you a glimpse of the people and day-to-day life here at Estes.

At Estes Design and Manufacturing, we recognize the importance of our people. Part of our philosophy is to hire people of high character. We strive to hire individuals who care about the work they do and about the customers we serve.

So, we want to highlight them and the incredible work they do. Estes would not be the company it is today without these amazing people and their effort and commitment to everything they do.

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Welder, Reed is in the process of performing post-weld cleanup on TIG welds for this commercial assembly. He is utilizing a wire wheel to blend the heat tinting on the stainless steel material. Once complete, the joining welds will perfectly match the composition of the rest of the part.

Photo by Emily Roark

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As Quality and Inspection Supervisor on the shop floor, Erik is responsible for ensuring that all fabricated parts manufactured by Estes are within customer specified tolerances and meet all the necessary specifications. Erik is using the Hexagon RS6 Laser Scanner and Romer Absolute Arm to inspect this enclosure cover. The scanner allows him to quickly and efficiently compare the entire manufactured part directly back to the 3D CAD model ensuring that all features and formed edges are within general operating tolerances.

Photo by Emily Roark

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