Faster, More Efficient Welding

3D laser welding uses concentrated energy to fuse metal parts into a very precise joint that is strong and highly aesthetic.

3D laser welding is up to 10x faster than traditional MIG welding, and up to 40x faster than traditional TIG welding, which helps to drive down labor costs. Simply stated, 3D laser welding can help you build a better product at a lower price.

Faster processing speeds are important to both reducing project lead-times and decreasing overall production costs. Laser welding is far quicker than alternative welding methods. By choosing to use the laser welding process for their welding projects, industry professionals can drastically cut lead-times and labor costs.



Benefits of 3D Laser Welding

  • Laser welding is fast and efficient. 
  • Laser welding minimizes the need for post-welding grinding or finishing. 
  • Laser welding is cost-effective
  • Laser welding uses focused, high-intensity heat transfer application. 
  • Laser welding creates strong joints comparable to those produced by manual welding. 


5 Reasons Why Laser Welding is the Optimal Choice for Your Next Welding Project

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How It Works

Laser welding is a fast, efficient, and precise alternative to traditional welding techniques. During laser welding operations, the automated robot arm aims a concentrated, high-powered beam of light at the metal workpiece. This action causes a localized area of the workpiece to heat up and melt, joining the two or more separate pieces together. The resulting weld is extremely durable and attractive and is achieved without significantly distorting the surrounding metal. Due to these benefits, among others, the laser welding process is suitable for use in a wide range of welding projects.

traditional vs 3d welding

Let Estes take your laser welding project to the next level.


Minimize Welding Costs

Estes can value engineer your projects to identify a more cost-effective design and employ more efficient processes, which decrease production time.

Estes’ 3D laser welded products require minimal post-weld grinding or finishing, which translates to cost savings for you.

Even with its superior result and use of advance technology, laser welding is highly affordable, with prices comparable to – or lower than – manual welding when compared to the total process cost.

At Estes, our engineers work closely with customers to develop a customized production plan with optimized time and cost requirements.

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One project with a 10” weld of 16 gauge cold rolled steel went from a total cost of $5.84, with traditional TIG welding, to $0.96 with 3D laser welding. View the case study to see how.

case study
With Traditional TIG Welding
With 3D Laser Welding
Cost Reduction

Superior Product Quality

Estes’ engineers can assist you in optimally designing for 3D laser welding technology to achieve superior product quality in addition to significant cost savings.

Estes’ 3D laser welding produces a smaller heat-affected zone than traditional welding. This smaller affected area, coupled with the speed of the welding process, helps to eliminate residual warping and weakness in finished products.

The use of focused, high-intensity laser beam during laser welding operations provides a much higher weld speed and minimizes the size of the workpiece’s heat-affected zone (HAZ). This smaller HAZ translates to better functional and aesthetic characteristics – in particular, the main benefit is the mitigation or elimination of thermal warping.

When heat is applied to a large area or for an extended period of time, the metal workpiece often experiences warping, which can weaken the structural integrity and aesthetic quality of the finished piece. The laser welding process addresses both of these concerns as it creates a strong and aesthetically appealing weld.

3D Laser Experts with Superior Welding Technology

Estes invested in a thorough R&D process that supplied propriety knowledge to our dedicated project managers. Combining that level of expertise with Estes’ state-of-the-art equipment, you achieve superior results every time.

Keys to Success

The Estes team is proof of the company’s commitment to excellence and superior product quality. The team’s expertise is key to ensuring that you receive the best service, product, and overall experience.

Intensive R&D initiatives have allowed Estes to gain proprietary knowledge that is even more powerful in the hands of its experienced team giving Estes a huge advantage.

And when you have the best people using the cutting-edge techniques, it’s important to surround them with the best equipment to achieve the highest potential.

State-of-the-Art 3D Laser Welding Equipment

The PRIMA™ DOMINO Laser Welder can weld

steel and stainless steel. In addition to 3D welding within a working envelope, the PRIMA™ also features 3D cutting.

Estes’ 3D laser welding integrates experienced people and state-of-the-art equipment for precision sheet metal fabrication. One of our dedicated engineers is ready to talk to you about how 3D laser welding can help you be more competitive and increase your profits. Contact us today to learn more.