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Estes’ Technology: Delivering on cost reduction, quality, and speed

At Estes Design and Manufacturing, we’ve invested in the highest-quality technology available for our customers’ metal fabrication needs – machines whose unique capabilities benefit our customers through cost reduction, improved quality, and reduced lead-times. We strive to proactively and constantly monitor our equipment and standards to better serve our customers, and we have recently added…


Amada Press Brake Operator

What is the Sheet Metal Fabrication Process?

Sheet metal fabrication refers to multiple processes that alter a metal sheet’s original shape to produce desired parts and products. The manufacturing steps are procedural and must incorporate the right processes to give out a desired final product. Types of Sheet Metal Fabrication Materials There are numerous types of sheet metals available that are suitable…


Estes Accelerator – Improving Speed to Market

In order to better serve our customers’ need for improved speed to market, we are combining our Estes Express Prototyping department and Product Development team into an all new group called Estes Accelerator! Estes Accelerator is a dedicated product development and prototype shop designed to respond to customers’ product development and speed-to-market needs. The Accelerator…


How Estes Design and Manufacturing is Helping Solve the Ventilator Shortage Caused by COVID-19

Estes’ Desire to Help With the looming crisis and global effects of the COVID-19 pandemic reaching far and wide, Vice President of Operations, Ron Estes, was actively seeking for ways Estes Design and Manufacturing could help meet some of the needs created by the spread of the virus. With this desire to contribute on a…