Estes Design and Manufacturing is ISO 9001 Certified.

With a commitment to advancing sustainable energy solutions, we leverage cutting-edge technology and a wealth of expertise to deliver high-quality, precision-engineered components for the renewable energy industry.

At the heart of our capabilities is our state-of-the-art welding and automation equipment, which streamlines fabrication and ensures tight tolerances, precision, and consistency. Our advanced machinery allows us to handle large-scale projects with ease to meet the demands of the rapidly expanding renewable energy sector.

Wind turbines in a field


Renewable Energy Capabilities

We can design, prototype, value engineer, and manufacture various sheet metal parts and components for the renewable energy industries. We work with low carbon steel (E-coated, powder-coated), aluminum, and stainless steel. Here are a few examples of our sheet metal fabrication capabilities:

Battery enclosures for stationary power applications


Battery boxes for buses and vehicles

renewable energy component manufactured by Estes Design and Manufacturing

Components for wind-power equipment


Trays, cans, bases, and lids for electric cell storage


Frequently Asked Questions

Renewable Energy

Yes, we do, outsourced through our trusted and certified partners.

Yes, we can. We employ a staff of more than 100 associates and have 85,000 square feet of manufacturing space that includes multiple robotic welding centers, MIG welding, cobot welding, 3D laser welding, and an automated sheet metal fabrication cell.

Yes, we can. At Estes, we see each project as a partnership. Our team is focused on delivering the highest level of quality and service to all of our customers.

We are ISO 9001 certified and are diligent about precision and quality, especially with tight tolerances and special finishing requirements. Also, we conduct quality inspections at each step of the process. A part or component only moves to the next step once it meets quality standards.

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Estes is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 certified.