November 1, 1976


Estes Design & Manufacturing is Opened

While a chief engineer for Hesston Corporation, Larry Estes learned of its impending sale to The Toro Company, so he left the organization to begin his own design and manufacturing company. Estes Design & Manufacturing, with two employees and a 1,200 square foot facility, was incorporated on November 1, 1976. The first products made were service parts for the Hesston/Toro line.

Fall of 1977


Estes Sheet Fabrication in 1977Estes Moves to New Facility to Meet Demand

Originally, Estes Design & Manufacturing was intended to be a product design and development firm with some manufacturing capabilities. However, demand from Toro and other companies for top-quality manufactured products increased, and Estes responded by adding capacity with a move to a new facility in the fall of 1977.


Continued Growth Leads to Expansion

By early 1979, the facility had expanded again to 15,000 square feet. Quick reaction time to customer demands and the ability to tackle complex projects resulted in continued growth that gave way to continued expansion.



Larger Facility is Built

In the spring of 1984, land was purchased and ground was broken for a 32,000 square foot building, which was completed and occupied in May of 1985.


Major Client Enables in Expansion

In 1999, Estes completed a 15,000 square foot expansion in order to add fabrication, finishing and assembly services for a specific line of products for a major client.


Estes Designs | Mailboxes and Streetscapes is Created


Seeing the need to develop long-lasting products in an area that was once thought to be disposable, Estes began designing and manufacturing unique aluminum mailboxes in 2003.

Since then, Estes Designs has grown to become Central Indiana’s largest supplier and installer of mailbox units to home builders.  Estes Designs also works closely with area developers, property management companies and homeowner associations managing mailbox replacement programs and community themed street signage installations and repairs.  Estes Designs also serves retail customers looking for a fast, easy way to replace their mailbox.

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Estes Express Prototyping is Created

Estes express prototyping logo

Estes recognized customers’ desire for speed in prototyping and getting products to market faster. To address this need, Estes Express Prototyping was created, which is a rapid prototyping shop with dedicated personnel and equipment. Its goal is to turn jobs quickly to meet customers’ needs.



Estes Expands to Accommodate Growth in its Medical & Energy Industry

In 2014, Estes added 35,000 feet to meet the growing demand for our orthopedic and pharmaceutical products. The expansion provided room for more medical production equipment to accommodate the continued growth of Estes’ medical business.

The first cell set-up in this new space was for medical production. This medical cell includes a laser, deburring machine, edge-rounding machine, press brake, assembly equipment, and an inspection hub.


Estes Medical Design is Branded

Estes Medical Design logo

Estes brings design innovation and fabricating automation to the medical industry it’s been serving for over 30 years. In 2015, Estes branded Estes Medical Design.

Estes works with top medical manufacturers to deliver precision fabricated metal case and tray products that cost-effectively combine form with function. Estes is your innovative design partner, not just another vendor.

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Estes Design and Manufacturing Purchases AWS



Estes AWS formed as a result of the acquisition of Automated Weapon Security by Estes Design and Manufacturing, Inc. Automated Weapon Security began manufacturing and selling automated weapon vaults for law enforcement in 2011.

Today Estes AWS Rapid Access Weapon Lockers are being sold nation-wide. The products can open electronically with no combinations to remember, which helps Protect Law  Enforcement by allowing officers to be presented with their weapons quickly when the occasion arises. The security features of the lockers Protect Communities by keeping weapons out of the hands of criminals.

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Estes Accelerator is Created





In order to better serve our customers’ need for improved speed to market, Estes Design and Manufacturing combined its Estes Express Prototyping department and Product Development team into a new group called Estes Accelerator. Estes Accelerator is a dedicated product development and prototype team that can assist customers in any stage of their product development process – from product conception to full production and every step along the way, Estes Accelerator is ready to partner with you.

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