Salvagnini S4 Punching & Shearing

The Salvagnini S4 CNC Shearing/Punching Center is one of the blanking options in the Max Velocity cell. It combines the punching versatility of a turret press with the blanking capabilities of a shear.

The MV Warehouse brings sheets to the shearing/ punching center when directed, and sheets are loaded unattended. Precision and speed are ensured through digital communication and the center’s advanced control techniques. The machine punches features into the blank and then shears the perimeter of the blank to separate it from the sheet. The punched parts are then automatically unloaded onto a tray to be temporarily stored in the MV Warehouse until they are ready for forming operations.

The Salvagnini S4 is capable of running unmanned, allowing it to run lights out over weekends when tight deadlines are necessary.



  • Delivers high-quality parts
  • Provides unmatched throughput
  • Reduces lead-times significantly
  • Ensures on-time delivery