Estes Design and Manufacturing can take your sheet metal fabrication project to the next level.

At Estes, our clients are not just clients—they are partners. When you partner with us, our success depends on your success. We provide our customers with top industry trends and processes, and you can expect to be at the cutting-edge while collaborating with our team.

Estes has had great success working with companies across a wide array of industries. At Estes, we treat each customer’s product like it is our own. Our people take pride in everything we do at work, no matter the size of the project, and will follow through on our commitments. We want the Estes name to be equally synonymous with honor and integrity as it is with premier metal fabrication. Most importantly, we want customers, business partners, and suppliers to be totally confident in us.


Learn about specific ways Estes reduced customers’ costs and lead time, while also creating a better quality product.
  • Estes reduced customer’s cost by 25% and lead time from 6 weeks to 10 days.
  • Estes saved client 37% of production costs by consolidating three components into one complex part.
  • Estes helped new client reach new market faster and with a better quality product than competitors.
  • Estes improved quality of end product while also reducing production time from 3 weeks to 3 days.


Estes understands that each of our customers have applications and requirements that are unique. Estes has the ability to meet all of these needs, which has led to its success in working with companies across a wide array of industries.


Let Estes’ clients tell you how Estes Design & Manufacturing took their projects to the next level.