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A small, leading edge communications company was in start-up mode and needed a supplier that could help take a rough product concept and make it a commercialized reality. If that was not enough, the company needed a supplier that could dedicate its people and equipment to the job when needed so that on-the-fly revisions could be incorporated and extremely tight lead-times could be met.


Over the years, Estes has worked with the client to continuously design and prototype many products, some within a turnaround time of as little as two days. This is possible because one person at Estes is designated the BATS project manager (PM). This PM handles designing, quoting, programming, and fabricating of the project. No hand-offs between Estes team members means tight lead-times are met and on-the-fly revision changes aren’t lost in the shuffle.


The Estes Accelerator team met the client’s need to have a new prototype in three days. This project included having parts programmed, laser cut, deburred, formed, welded, and hardware installed, so that the client could have the parts painted and to their end user in order to fulfill an urgent need. The client provided Estes Accelerator with the CAD models, and the Estes Accelerator team programmed and manufactured the product directly from those CAD files. Ultimately, the partnership with Estes allowed this client to be able to meet the needs of its customer faster, resulting in increased sales.

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