Since 1976, Estes has invested in the best people and the latest equipment to produce precision sheet metal parts and products.

3D laser welding uses concentrated energy to fuse metal parts into a very precise joint that is strong and highly aesthetic.

Estes’ dedicated prototype shop is designed to respond to their customers’ product development and speed-to-market needs.

Estes works with top medical manufacturers to deliver precision fabricated sheet metal products that cost-effectively combine form with function.

Estes Express Prototyping uses state-of-the-art equipment and the latest programming software to reduce product development time. Project managers, with expansive shop floor experience, run the entire operation from design through programming and fabrication.

Estes insures the development of products that can be manufactured easily and cost-effectively.

Using a process known as value engineering, the Estes team delivers parts at a lower cost that are easier to assemble.

Estes has the experience, tools, and space to be able to accommodate its customers’ inventory management needs.