Estes Max Velocity

Max Velocity is Estes’ automated sheet metal fabrication cell powered by Salvagnini. The automated nature and advanced technology of the cell lends itself to providing exceptional quality, shorter lead-times, improved on-time delivery, and ensures customers receive the most cost-effective solutions to the challenges of manufacturing.


Estes’ Max Velocity fabrication cell boosts efficiency beyond that of traditional cell manufacturing. Through the use of advanced automation and state-of-the-art equipment, Max Velocity maximizes uptime and improves part accuracy and consistency while reducing lead times. Our Max Velocity Automated Cell serves as the cornerstone of our lean manufacturing initiatives, taking efficiency to the next level. 

Estes Max Velocity boosts a 97.2% on-time delivery rate with a ten-day lead time for products that don’t require painting or finishing.


Max Velocity Brings Estes' Customers:

  • Faster fabrication and shorter lead-times, allowing them to better support their own customers
  • Consistent on-time delivery, ensuring their own schedules can be met
  • Flexibility in production and order processing, allowing OEMs to switch product manufacturing without having a large inventory
  • Reduced inventory, resulting in freed up cash, freed up space, and reduced risk of inventory damage or obsolescence
  • Improved quality, which reduces total costs
  • Competitive pricing

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Is Max Velocity Right for Your Project?

Hover over each picture to discover ideal part dimensions for Max Velocity.

Material Types

Up to:

11 gauge steel
14 gauge stainless steel
.150`` aluminum


Blank Width

62.9 inches


Blank Diagonal

98.4 inches


Bend Length

85.8 inches


Bend Height

6.5 inches

How It Works

Case Studies

Max Velocity Forming Enables Real Savings


The design for a client’s stainless steel box consisted of four pieces formed in a Z-shape at the press brake. These four pieces were then welded at the corners, which caused the stainless steel to warp slightly. The assembly had a brushed, cosmetic flange around the perimeter that would remain visible to the end user. To maintain an appealing look, the welds had to be ground, and then the flange had to be brushed.


This finishing process was very labor-intensive and costly, so Estes proposed a redesign to the customer. Utilizing their Max Velocity Salvagnini forming cell’s capability to form complex, tight-tolerance bends, they formed the part from one blank instead of four. The edges were brought together so precisely they could be laser welded at the seams.



The reduction of components and of finishing and assembly time dropped the cost of production from $43.73 to $38.73, while improving the quality of the part.


Max Velocity Results in Operational Efficiencies


A longtime client needed a cabinet door assembly that was nearly five feet long by nine inches wide, and it needed to be rigid. The original plan called for two fabricated stiffeners to be glued to the doors to provide the necessary support. The three-piece assembly cost $29.00 and required eleven operations to manufacture.


Using the Max Velocity Salvagnini forming cell, the Estes design team was able to create a single-piece door with the necessary rigidity.



The new design was manufactured in three operations, and costs were reduced by more than two-thirds.





Powered by Salvagnini

MV Warehouse

Salvagnini Automatic Retrieval and Auto Store System

Our Salvagnini MV Warehouse serves as the backbone to the fully automated Estes Max Velocity cell. This automated technology removes time wasted with material handling, helps increase production output, and ensures faster lead-times for our customers.

S4 Punching & Shearing

Our Salvagnini S4 machines combine the punching versatility of a turret press with the blanking capabilities of a shear. Not only does the S4’s automation provide around-the-clock activity, but customers also benefit from cost reductions that would otherwise go to pay for labor.

L5 Laser Cutter

Salvagnini custom product

Our Salvagnini L5 Laser Cutter allows us to cut sheet metal parts with any geometry, permits quick changeover, and facilitates nesting. These capabilities all culminate in a machine that reduces cost while increasing speed on our customers’ sheet metal fabrication projects.

P4 Panel Bender

cost reduction processes

Our Salvagnini P4 Panel Bender can achieve high repeatability and tight dimensional tolerances, resulting in a higher quality product. Its advanced capabilities allow it to form extremely complex parts in a single set up while adding efficiency to product throughput.