Sheet Metal Fabrication Services

Estes Design & Manufacturing fabricates sheet metal parts for a wide range of industries. From custom automotive metal fabrication to medical fabrication, you’ll receive the highest quality sheet metal parts with the best lead times.

Since 1976, Estes has invested in the best people and the latest equipment to produce precision sheet metal parts and products.

Looking for Sheet Metal Fabrication Parts?

Estes specializes in light-gauge sheet metal fabrication, especially:

  • Carbon steel sheet fabrication
  • Stainless steel sheet metal fabrication
  • Aluminum sheet metal fabrication

It can also process plate up to .375” thick, bar and tube stock, and other material types and alloys as needed by its customers.

Sheet metal fabrication

Sheet Metal Fabrication Services

At Estes Design and Manufacturing, innovation is at the core of everything we do. In a fast-paced, ever-evolving industry, being at the forefront of change is crucial to ensure we deliver the highest-quality services and parts, pricing, and turnaround times for our customers.


The mindset to find a better way and think outside the box has pervaded every area of our business, and influenced the services we offer including:


With over 40 years of history in the metal fabrication industry, Estes has the resources and the experience to take your project to the next level. If you are looking for a partner that will use innovation to benefit you, contact us today.

3D Laser Welding

Innovating an Application

Often, innovation is taking a process from one industry and applying it to another industry that could benefit from its capabilities. We did just that with laser welding, bringing it from the automotive industry to the custom sheet metal fabrication industry. The pioneering venture challenged our personnel, who rose to the occasion and innovatively improved the process beyond even the knowledge of the equipment manufacturer.

Laser welding has now become a differentiating service that offers cost savings and improved weld quality to customers. The welding process itself is faster and the resulting weld requires little to no post-weld cleanup. Read more about benefits of 3D laser welding.

Sheet Metal Fabrication
Estes Accelerator - Product Development & Prototyping Equipment

Estes Accelerator

Creating a Unique Service to Meet Speed-to-Market Demand

To help our customers improve their speed to market, we launched the Estes Accelerator department with the intention to overcome capacity problems for our customers by creating a dedicated product development and prototyping group to address their time-critical projects.

This dedicated team has assisted customers in developing products for a variety of industries, collaborating with them from design to prototyping to manufacturing. The equipment in the cell is dedicated to prototyping, which eliminates the need to find a hole in a production schedule. With dedicated personnel as well, one project manager handles the project from quoting through programming through production, which means that each project will avoid common mishaps and slowed production caused by a project switching hands. Learn more about Estes Accelerator – Product Development & Prototyping.

Medical Product Design

Creating New Products for the Medical Industry

For over 30 years, Estes has worked with top medical manufacturers to develop high quality fabricated metal cases and trays. Estes Medical Design uses a process that starts with design input from the team. Innovation is only possible through collaboration, the freedom to ask the right questions, and the willingness to listen closely. Through comprehensive services such as design, engineering, prototyping, and manufacturing to the orthopedic industry, Estes Medical uses lean processes and innovation to create a customized product for each customer.

Medical tray design
Sheet Metal Fabrication

Cost Reduction Processes

Innovating Better Products

Estes displays innovative thinking in the value engineering they perform for customers. With eight engineers on staff and centuries of collective fabricating experience, we know the tricks of the trade required to cost-effectively make customers’ products without compromising the integrity of the design. We apply that knowledge in our evaluation of the designs of customers’ existing products to simply see if there is a better way to manufacture them. To see an example of how we put our experience and expertise to use and saved a customer 37% on production, read this case study.

Inventory Management

Managing Kanban and Just-In-Time Inventory Systems

Estes has the experience, tools, and space to be able to accommodate its customers’ inventory management needs. Combining the customer’s forecast and lead-time requirements with Estes’ internal capacity to formulate safety stock levels, the product is ready at the precise time it is needed by the customer.

Contact Estes today to learn more about its supplier-managed inventory system.

Inventory manufacturing factory

Let Estes take your fabrication project to the next level.

sheet metal fabrication

Estes’ equipment list includes an array of fully automated machines and a complete line of standard fabricating equipment to serve its customers.

While Estes’ equipment is impressive, it is the team’s production speed, responsive process, and customer service that Estes’ customers mention time and time again when asked “Why choose Estes?”

sheet metal fabrication