Engineering Manager

Eric Peter

Engineering Manager Eric Peter is a 2007 graduate of IUPUI with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering. He has also earned an Associate of Applied Science degree in Design Technology from Ivy Tech. Before joining Estes, Eric worked as a designer and programmer at Langsenkamp Manufacturing. Hired in 2008 as a CAD/CAM Engineer for Estes, Eric now serves as the Engineering Manager and is responsible for a wide variety of tasks including overseeing customers’ complete satisfaction with Estes’ talented engineering staff, programming of lasers, turrets, and the S4 machines, off-line programming of forming equipment, and modeling and print creation.

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Eric Peter

Favorite Quote

“Fast. Good. Cheap. You can only pick two.”

Favorite Indy Activity

The Indianapolis 500 – duh…


Amateur competitor in the Indiana Multigun Series

Personal Mantra

Everything is a choice. Strive to make the better choice. 

Favorite Must-Read Book

1984 – George Orwell

Go-To Productivity Trick

Copy and paste! Honestly, is there anything copy and paste can’t do?

Favorite Projects at Work

Vault cabinets. The design and production of the cabinets is challenging on many levels. Estes is frequently tasked with creating a unique feature, and we have the freedom to conceive and fabricate a totally new solution.