Eric Peter

Engineering Manager

Hired in as a CAD/CAM Engineer for Design and Manufacturing, Eric now serves as the Engineering Manager and is responsible for a wide variety of tasks.
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Jay Engh

Product Development Manager

As Product Development Manager, Jay is involved in clients’ product development needs, lean manufacturing and continuous improvements in business processes.
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Sarah Williams

Planning Specialist

As the Planning Specialist at Estes, Sarah’s role includes scheduling production operations as well as involvement in front-end processes to ensure customer delivery requirements are met.
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Quality Manager

David leads quality improvement efforts throughout the shop and is the management representative for the organization’s ISO certifications.
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Jay Reddick

Laser Welding Development Manager

Utilizing his 35 years of experience at Estes in a range of positions, Jay now serves as the Laser Welding Development Manager.
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Matthew Gray

Prototype Shop Manager

As a Prototype Shop Manager, Matthew is experienced in a wide variety of prototype projects. He works with customers through the entire prototype process.
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Roger Brown

Sales Manager

As Sales Manager, Roger is responsible for various aspects of sales and customer service of existing and new Estes’ customers.
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Daniel Gray

Director of Operations

Daniel is the Director of Operations at Estes, and his role includes leading the Estes Manufacturing team production cells and improvement initiatives.
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John Brown

Director of Quality and Compliance

As the Director of Quality and Compliance at Estes, John Brown ensures customer satisfaction using quality planning and review among other methods.
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Ryan Estes

Director of Business Development

Ryan Estes is the Director of Business Development at Estes. His roles include managing the estimating, marketing and processing departments.
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