Prototype Manager

John Kurrus

Prototype Manager John has been with Estes since his high school days. He has numerous years of experience in machine operation and programming and is very knowledgeable in sheet metal design. As Prototype Manager in the Estes Accelerator cell, John is experienced in a wide variety of prototype projects. He works with customers through the entire process, from quoting through engineering, fabrication and delivery. He prides himself in working with customers to turn high-quality prototypes quickly.

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John Kurrus

Favorite Quote

“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.”

  • Dr. Seuss


  • Car/motorcycle enthusiast
  • Home DIY projects
  • Taking country drives in my Mustang Cobra
  • Competitive shooting
  • Motorsports

Favorite Must-Read Book

Lord of the Rings 

Estes Superpower

Turning projects around quickly

3 Words that Describe John

  • Listener
  • Reliable
  • Problem-solver

Favorite Projects at Work

Designing from scratch