Tim Estes

 President Tim Estes is a 1992 graduate of Bob Jones University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting. Tim began his tenure at Estes at the age of 18 working in the shipping department, helping give him an understanding of all aspects of the company, including day-to-day shop operations. Right out of college, Tim spent four years with KPMG as a Senior Auditor, and before transitioning into his current role at Estes, Tim served as our Director of Finance. As president, Tim currently balances many roles at the firm, with responsibilities spanning from HR, finance, and IT. He also has a hand in the Estes Accelerator – Product Development & Prototyping department and has played a role in various improvement projects, including launching our current enterprise resource planning (ERP) management system. With his vast experience and knowledge, Tim daily adds value to Estes’ customers and employees leading the company to profitably produce high-quality sheet metal products.

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