Customer Service Excellence

After an unpleasant experience with a previous fabrication partner, the client pursued Estes for consistency and professionalism to meet its metal hardware needs.

Improvement in Speed to Market

A small startup communications company needed a supplier to take a rough product concept into commercialized production. The supplier would need the capability to handle quick revisions and extremely tight lead-times, which necessitate a staff and equipment dedicated to the job.

Personalized Service & Lead-Time Reduction

A privately held company needed a completed panel from start to finish. Due to pressure from a customer, the company had a tight deadline to deliver the panel.

Quick Turnaround for Complicated Fabrication Needs

The client needed a source to take on a specific fabrication project that no one had done before.

Same Day Completion

A privately held international company was looking for a customized, aesthetically pleasing, finished piece to complement an existing prototype. After the previous manufacturer sent a broken piece, the company needed a quick delivery for a presentation. They needed a prototype shop they could trust.