Development of Better Product at Lower Cost

While working with a previous fabrication partner, the client was managing the production process themselves – taking three weeks to shuttle parts from one subcontractor to another and wasting precious time that could have been spent on revenue-generating business operations. Raw materials alone cost more than $24 per final unit produced. Continuing to manage production in this manner would inhibit the client’s growth.

Improvement in Speed to Market

A small startup communications company needed a supplier to take a rough product concept into commercialized production. The supplier would need the capability to handle quick revisions and extremely tight lead-times, which necessitate a staff and equipment dedicated to the job.

New Design Yields 20% Cost Reduction

One of the country’s largest original equipment manufacturers (OEM) of food service equipment hired Estes to design a new rotisserie.

Quick Turnaround for Complicated Fabrication Needs

The client needed a source to take on a specific fabrication project that no one had done before.

Same Day Completion

A privately held international company was looking for a customized, aesthetically pleasing, finished piece to complement an existing prototype. After the previous manufacturer sent a broken piece, the company needed a quick delivery for a presentation. They needed a prototype shop they could trust.

Technology Enables Real Savings

The design for a client’s stainless steel box consisted of four pieces formed in a Z-shape at the press brake. These four pieces were then welded at the corners, which caused the stainless steel to warp slightly. The assembly had a brushed, cosmetic flange around the perimeter that would remain visible to the end user. To maintain an appealing look, the welds had to be ground, and then the flange had to be brushed.