Director of Business Development

Roger Brown

Director of Business Development, Roger Brown is a 1990 graduate of Wabash College with a degree in Mathematics. Having worked at Sommer Metalcraft as National Accounts Manager, Roger brings to Estes 26 years of manufacturing sales experience in the sheet metal industry. Roger is now responsible for various aspects of the sales and customer service of existing Estes customers, as well as establishing new client relationships in all segments of our business. He is also responsible for corporate sales and marketing strategies and goals, focusing on growing our business through target markets. With a creative and helpful mindset, Roger is able to build relationships with clients while helping them develop and design their projects.

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Roger Brown

Favorite Quote

“Here endeth the lesson.”

  • Sean Connery, The Untouchables

Favorite Indy Activity

500 Festival Mini-Marathon

Personal Mantra

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. 

Fun Fact

I came within an inch of plunging to my death at the Grand Canyon as an eight year old. The fun fact is that I’m alive to tell about it!

3 Words that Describe Roger

Drinks Sweet Tea

Favorite Must-Read Book

To Not To

Go-To Productivity Trick

Shut my office door, turn up the music.